Turtle Puns

turtle puns

All the best Turtle Puns Turtle puns are about pet turtles, sea turtles, snapping turtles, and cute turtles. They will make your holiday shell-ebrations top notch. We’ve compiled a list of turtle puns which are perfect for a holiday work party. These funny turtle puns will get your shelly laughing like a bowl full of … Read more

Sushi Puns

sushi puns

All the best Sushi Puns Sushi puns! These puns will serve you to your satisfaction whether you are looking for a photo caption or a sticker for your valentine party. So if you love sushi puns then we got you covered. We’ve carefully selected puns that are polite those that promote healthy living. As such, … Read more

Sun Puns

sun puns all the best

All the best Sun Puns  As temperatures rise in the summer, so does the fun of sunbathing. Summer is the time to have a ton of beach days, bonfires, lots of lounging poolside, backyard barbecues, vacations and trips to the beach. You’ll definitely want to have so much fun and document everything by having some … Read more

Snake Puns

snake puns

All the best Snake Puns Did you know that there are 3000 known species of snakes? Funnily, only about 7% of these species are capable of significantly wounding a human. To get these are many more facts about snakes, read this awesome list of snake puns. Snake puns revolve around names, types, and other facts … Read more

Sleep Puns 

sleep puns

Find the best Sleep Puns  Being up late at night when you are tired can be very stressing. In such a case, sleep puns can get you through the night. Sleep puns are very funny and clean. You can share them with friends, kids and loved ones without having the fear of offending them. What … Read more

Sheep Puns

sheep puns

Here are the best Sheep Puns Sheep Puns! What do ewe do when ewe require a redeeming laugh? Sheep puns are all you need! They contain puns on the word sheep, sheep-related concepts, and wool puns. You may not be a devotee of sheep and wondering why on earth you’d waste your time reading sheep … Read more

Shark Puns

shark puns

All the best Shark Puns  It’s time for hysterical shark puns! Sharks are predatory fish that usually attack sea turtles, seals, large fish and occasionally people. The fact that sharks attack in schools and are powerful swimmers makes them very dangerous. This is the reason we are terrified swimming in the ocean for fear of … Read more

Sea Puns

sea puns

All the best Sea Puns Spring break is the ideal time to break out a sea pun. As you are busy having the time of your life, I’m sure you are going to hang out with your crew, have selfies and post them on Instagram. They are truly going to be filled with so much … Read more

Rainbow Puns

rainbow puns

All the best Rainbow Puns Rainbows are just plain magical! Have you ever thought why rainbows make people feel so happy? The secret is in the colors of the rainbow. They are light, fresh and happy. In addition, since rainbows are so rare, they elicit a sense of delight and awe. They also bring the … Read more

Police Puns 

police puns

Best Police Puns to use! When we hear the word police we only think of enforcement of law, prevention of crime and civil disorder, and protection of possessions, liberty and lives of citizens. For some of us, the word police remind us of the last time we were arrested or we experienced force at the hands … Read more