Frog Puns

Find the greatest Frog Puns

Have you ever thought that there are good things about frogs? I guess not. I bet your friends would stone you to death if you told them you love frogs. Contrary to the opinion that there is nothing fascinating about these ugly amphibians, research indicates that frogs are wonderful bioindicators. Moreover, frogs control the population of pests. They also feed on algae aiding in making water fresh and thus drinkable. If you still don’t find anything fun about frogs then hop to these toadally awesome puns and you’ll surely be tickled. Be ready to be caught off guard and prepare your ribs as we switch meaning with fun. 

All the best Frog puns

    • What did the stylish frog wear? It wore a jumpsuit
    • Why does this frog have red spots? Because it has chicken pox.
    • Where did the short sighted frog go? To the Hopthalmologost.
    • What is a tadpole? Easy, a pole that is floppy and short.
    • What happened to the frogs that collided? They got tongue tied
    • What makes a bull frog different? It has horns.
    • Frog 1: Where do I leave my hat and coat? Frog 2: Feel free to leave them in the croakroom.
    • What did one frog say to the other after their holiday? That holiday was toadally unfrogettable.
    • Which shoes do frogs wear? Open-toad shoes.
    • Which is the frog’s favorite time? The leap year, of course.
    • On its birthday, the frogs sang to the toad: ‘Happy toad day to you, happy toad day to you!’
    • How much do you have? I have twelve dollars and two cents in toadal.
    • Why do you need to drive carefully? Because it is a froggy night.
    • What do you need for winter? A water-proof croak.
    • What killed the frog? It kermitted suicide,sadly!
    • How did the frog get here so fast? It was hopping to get catch the frog pun.
    • What happened to your job? I got susponded  for excessive use of frog pun!
    • What do I do now? You have no choice but to depond on me.
    • Why do toads keep falling over? Because they are always toaddling.
    • What did the frog do with the paper? It ripped it.
    • Which candy do you want? Lollihops
    • What do cats have that frogs don’t? Nine lives. Frogs only croak all night.
    • Why do frogs make so many mistakes? Because they quickly jump to the wrong conclusions.
    • Which music do frogs dance to? Hip hop.
    • Why is the frog so glued to the screen? It is following a very ribbeting documentary.
    • What is the sophisticated frog listening to? A hopera.
    • I’ve been waiting for you to sing that song. Seems like I’ve frogotten the lyrics.
    • Why were you fired? Because of my frogetfulness.
    • Where do frogs take their eggs? To the spawn shop.
    • Where do the frogs take dinner? At their favorite place: The Ihop.
    • What did he get when he crossed s frog and a dog? He got a croaker spaniel.
    • What did the frog that visited Mcdonalds order? A diet croak and French flies.