Apple Puns

Find the best Apple Puns 

Apple pie is a common variety of pie and you can make yourself a pie pun by just mentioning the word apple. So, if you are looking for puns about apples, then you are going to love this list.  Apple puns are ideal for business names, silly pickup lines, and captions. 

Here are some fun facts about apples: The apple tree originated from Central Asia and was brought to North America by European colonists. The top producing state in America is Washington accounting for two-thirds of the total amount of apples produced. Other major producing states are Virginia, New York, Michigan and California. 

Apple puns are safe and clean for kids of all ages. They are also perfect for grocers, apple farmers, teachers, parents and everyone who loves apples. Though apples mostly come to mind during the autumn, apple puns are good any time of the year! Enjoy a glass of apple pun. 

List with the best Apple puns

  • Are you red-y to go apple picking with me?
  • We might be apples and mangoes, but we make a perfect pear.
  • He has fallen for me.
  • You need to know that I am one bad apple.
  • On my way, I happened to pick these friends.
  • Help me strengthen my core.
  • They are outstanding in their field.
  • The most treemendous way to spend my day is hanging out.
  • There is a lot of chemistree between us.
  • There’s nobody else here, it’s just the tree of us.
  • I’m so happy to spend the day with you, red apples.
  • I would pick you if best friends were apples.
  • Would you like me to be-cider you?
  • There’s nothing core to be seen here, let’s move along.
  • I always try to look at the bright cider life.
  • Come over, we need to get apple sauced.
  • Cut the apple to get all the in-cider information.
  • I have always been the apple of my father’s eye.
  • You know I love you to the core.
  • Our core values are: be curious, kind and caring.
  • We hope to have hardcore fun this fall.
  • After the wedding, the apples looked forward to living apple-y ever after.
  • You look so a-pee-ling.
  • These hilarious puns have made me happle-ier.
  • Allow me to apple-ogize for the inconvenience.
  • Apple-rently he was absent again.

Even more great apple puns

  • Finding half a worm in your apple is worse than finding one.
  • You’d be a fine-apple if you were a fruit.
  • Pine-apple never fit in however much he tried.
  • Oh no, I must have broken my core.
  • You have to roll an apple downhill to make it turn over.
  • I work on my core by exercising a lot.
  • I have an interesting novel full of unbeetable ideas.
  • Want apples? Shake the tree.
  • If you want to keep anyone away, just throw an apple a day hard at them.
  • When a green apple grows on a mango tree, that’s when ill stop loving you.
  • Finding one bad apple doesn’t mean you give up on the tree.
  • Keep calm and enjoy your apple.
  • I would still plant my apple tree if I knew the world would go to pieces tomorrow.
  • What did the bad apple say? I am rotten to the core!
  • An apple and a mandarin met, and when the mandarin said hi, the apple said, ‘sorry, I don’t speak mandarin.’
  • Will you take a sip of the croft apple?
  • The Pie Piper led all the apples to the bakery.
  • A crab apple is the type of apple that can get grouchy.
  • Bob the Builder couldn’t eat the apple because it was Adam’s apple.
  • The investor knew the Apple stock was going to go up since he had incider information.
  • Through their pie-phones, apples get to communicate with each other.
  • At the barbecue, Paula Red ate apple-d pork sandwich.
  • Only pine apples grow on Christmas trees.
  • A crab apple is what you get when you cross an apple and a shellfish.
  • A pineapple is an apple which isn’t an apple.
  • With all the apple-ause, the apple could not resist the circus.
  • An apple with bees in it is called a bapple.
  • A whole apple can look around, a half apple can’t.
  • The apple tree to the caterpillar: Leaf me alone.
  • The apple to the pecan pie: You know what? You are nuts!
  • The best thing to put in an apple pie is your teeth.
  • Cameo apples are apples that only make brief appearances.
  • When you cross a train engine and an apple pie, you get Puff pastry.
  • The crab apple has a very short temper.
  • Apples go climbing on Mount Fuji.